The Rotex company

Our history

We work since 2010

Our company exist Since 2010 year. Every transport is done by drivers with many years of experience. Every transport is done by drivers with many years of experience ( most of the drivers has over 15 years of experience).
We would like to provide a full range of transport service in the country and abroad. We are ready to undertake any task, since there are no difficult task – there are just challenges.

Our mission

Development, shorten the delivery time, quality Improvements.

Company PHU Rotex Domestic and International Transport Krzysztof Ropiak usually does a full truck load, but if necessary we does part load also. We work with big companies just like with individual customers. We also provide other services like transshipping on our base and forwarding service.

We move across Europe

We work hard to deliver the goods from one end of Europe to the other.

How is it to work with Rotex?

Our team consists of strongly motivated professionals.

We are company who appreciate all the clients. We are competent, reliable company and we are always on time. We have full confidence towards our drivers. From the moment of loading to unloading we are always in touch with them.

We are trying that every our client would be 100 % satisfied from our service.